Auditory Cognition Summer School, June 27th to July 1st, 2013, Delmenhorst, Germany


The third international summer school „Auditory Cognition“ will be held at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst (near Bremen) from 27 June to 1 July 2013. This institute, the collaborative research center “The Active Auditory System” and the cluster of excellence “Hearing4all” sponsor the five-day summer school that provides overview lectures, in-depth discussions and hands-on tutorials by an internationally renowned faculty (for a course agenda follow this link).

This year’s summer school focusses on three topics:

  • Binaural processing and the analysis of auditory scenes (Rainer Beutelmann, Mathias Dietz, Georg Klump, Andrej Kral, Dan Tollin)
  • Neurophysiological correlates of auditory scene analysis (Alexandra Bendixen, Stefan Debener, Mark Schönwiesner, Maarten de Vos)
  • Modeling the processes in auditory scene analysis (Tjeerd Andringa, Sue Denham, Istvan Winkler)

We invite master and PhD students as well as postdoctoral fellows to participate in the summer school. Upon request certificates for the participation in the course can be provided.

The registration fee covers the cost for a hotel room (6 nights, double occupancy) all meals, and the course material. Registration is 600 € for postdocs, 500 € for PhD students and 400 € for Master students. For up to three Master students a stipend for waving the registration fee can be provided. Applicants for a stipend must describe their current research (1-2 pages) and future career plans and submit this statement together with the web-based registration. Generally, a statement of motivation for participation in the course must be submitted as part of the application. If we receive more applications than we can host/support in the course, the motivation statements will be used to grant the participation.

The deadline for application is 7 June 2013. Applications submitted before the deadline will be processed immediately and confirmed. To download the application form that shall be sent via email, please follow the link. Upon acceptance of the application it is necessary to immediately pay the registration fee to secure accommodation.

Previous versions of the Auditory Cognition Summerschool

Version 2011 - Groningen

Version 2012 - Plymouth

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